Impowerus exists to connect immigrant youth with free legal aid. Utilize our service to speak face to face with an attorney and ask questions concerning the immigration and naturalization process, or send questions to an attorney and receive a quick response.

Did you know...


of unrepresented youth to receive a removal order.



of youth to receive a removal order after seeking the advice of an attorney.

About The Founder:

Katelyn Ringrose

Before attending Notre Dame Law, Katelyn Ringrose aided refugee and immigrant children through the immigration and naturalization process. Hearing her students describe fleeing their homes, suffering abuse, and witnessing the destruction of their culture inspired her to follow her goals of practicing immigration law. At Notre Dame Law, Katelyn is a first-year representative for two student groups and a member of the admissions council.


Who can use Impowerus?

Impowerus is committed to providing a platform to connect immigrant youth, ages eight to twenty-two, with the resources they need to navigate the immigration process.

Security & Privacy

Impowerus was created to provide an anonymous forum for your questions and concerns, so please refrain from using your full name, email address or personal details when using the site.

Preparing for your Meeting with an Attorney

For your virtual meeting, please try to get situated in a quick, private room with a secure internet connection. Set aside at least thirty minutes in order to allow your attorney enough time to fully address each of your questions or concerns. If no one is available to chat with you, please type your question into the message bar and an attorney will answer as soon as possible.


Impowerus is staffed by attorneys that speak many languages, however we cannot guarantee that someone will always be available to speak with you in your preferred language. Please submit a question in your preferred language so that we can try and connect you with an attorney with that specific language skill.


Impowerus cuenta con abogados que hablan muchos idiomas, sin embargo no podemos garantizar que alguien estará siempre disponible para hablar con usted en su idioma preferido. Envíe una pregunta en su idioma preferido para que podamos tratar de conectarlo con un abogado con esa habilidad de lenguaje específica.


Impowerus est composé d'avocats qui parlent plusieurs langues, mais nous ne pouvons pas garantir que quelqu'un sera toujours disponible pour parler avec vous dans votre langue préférée. Veuillez soumettre une question dans votre langue préférée afin que nous puissions essayer de vous connecter avec un avocat possédant cette compétence linguistique spécifique.


Impowerus de gōngzuò rényuán yǒu jiǎng duō zhǒng yǔyán de lǜshī, dàn wǒmen bùnéng bǎozhèng yǒurén zǒng shì kěyǐ yòng nín de shǒuxuǎn yǔyán yǔ nín jiāotán. Qǐng yǐ nín de shǒuxuǎn yǔyán tíjiāo wèntí, yǐbiàn wǒmen nénggòu yǔ jùyǒu tèdìng yǔyán jìnéng de lǜshī liánxì.


Wayaemal Impowerus min qibal almuhamin alladhin yatahaddathun laghat eadidatan, walakun nahn la ymkn 'an tadman 'ann shakhsaan ma sawf takun mutahat dayimaan 'an 'atakallam maeak fi lightik almafdalat. yrja taqdim sual fi alllughat almufaddalat ladayk hatta natamakkan min muhawalat lirabt lakum mae muham mae tilk almaharat lughat maeianatin.


Impowerus rabotayut advokaty, kotoryye govoryat na mnogikh yazykakh, odnako my ne mozhem garantirovat', chto kto-to vsegda budet dostupen, chtoby govorit' s vami na vashem yazyke predpochtitel'nym. Pozhaluysta, otprav'te vopros na predpochitayemyy vami yazyk, tak chto my mozhem popytat'sya soyedinit' vas s advokatom s etoy konkretnoy yazykovoy navyk.